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You’ve never seen Highway 1 like this before.

Highway 1 isn’t the only place to get some incredible cycling done with beautiful views. Our friend and colleague James Stout created a special ride…

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Photo Credit: Ryan L'Esperance

Country Coast Classic: #RideWithUs

The 17th Annual Gene Cerise Country Coast Classic Bike Ride is just around the corner! This ride is a local favorite, attracting residents from all…

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ALERT: Highway 1 Closure

PSSST. HIGHWAY 1 BEING CLOSED CREATES AN INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY FOR CYCLISTS. Historic Highway 1 is iconic for the beautiful views around every bend, but it’s…

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Upcoming Central Coast Rides

The upcoming rides and races near Cambria are the perfect opportunity to plan your getaway! Don’t miss Eroica California, the Wildflower Century, the Country Coast…

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No Off-Season

Professional cyclists and novices alike know that taking a “winter break” can put you miles behind your former self. While there are always indoor bikes,…

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Give Yourself a Break

Even the most advanced cyclists know that after pushing your body, you need to recover. There’s nothing better after a long ride than a relaxing massage…

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Road Magazine Article: Cambria

Cambria was recently featured in an issue of Road Magazine! We are so excited to share this piece with you. It highlights some of the best…

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The Right Route for You – Quiz

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of going on a cycling adventure on the Central Coast, you know that every route has a personality of…

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Photo: Ryan L'Esperance

Central Coast Mention in Bicycle Retailer Magazine

Highlighting towns for their cycling suitability is a relatively recent trend, but Cambria has been at the forefront, making sure visitors from near and far…

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Family Cycling Tour

Cambria sits just off of Highway 1, part of a long strip of beautiful towns on the Central Coast. The beautiful views and rolling, mountainous…

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It’s the Season for Cycling

The weather is perfect. The roads are ready. The time is right. Your bicycle is calling for you, and you have never been one to…

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Country Coast Classic Bike Ride

On June 25, the 16th Annual Gene Cerise Country Coast Classic Bike Ride will take place in Cambria, benefitting the positive development of youth in…

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