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July 2, 2022

Best Central Coast Spas & Activities for Post-Ride Cycling Recovery

Any experienced and high-category cyclist will tell you that as much as you push your body, you need time for some good R&R for recovery to push yourself even higher. There’s nothing better after a long ride than some rest and relaxation through a soothing massage or satisfying stretching session to reset your muscles and eliminate your fatigue. The Central Coast has some of the best cycling recovery options you can find!

The spa lobby at Colibri in Cambria

How Massages & Stretching Help Cycling Recovery

Your muscles deserve pampering after the wear and tear that happens to them during an hours-long ride up and down the hills of the Central Coast. A nice massage or relaxing yoga session can give you the break you need to recover fully and clip-in again as soon as possible.

Massage After Cycling

Massages have been a cycling recovery staple since people started training on two wheels. Here are just a few of the benefits of massages for cyclists:

  • Loosens knots and tightness in muscles that develop as your muscles recover
  • Improves blood flow and circulation
  • Improves your mood
  • Reduces pain while riding

You can try to self-massage or use a massage device to help break up the scar tissue in your quads, calves, and core. However, self-massaging the wrong way may lead to more harm than help. We suggest heading to one of the spas below to ensure a strong and speedy recovery.

Stretching & Yoga After Cycling

Stretching right after a tiring ride helps undo the strain on your muscles caused by cycling’s repetitive movements. It can decrease tightness, improve flexibility, and support the muscle groups fatigued during a ride.

A good way to de-stress muscles by stretching is yoga. Yoga combines stretching with breathing methods to improve core strength, increase flexibility, encourage better posture, and improve your breathing during rides.

Best Massage & Yoga Spas in the Central Valley for Cyclists

The following locations in and around Cambria, Avila Beach, and San Simeon are the perfect recovery options. Head to any one of these spas or studios to de-stress your muscles and speed up your recovery for that next route to conquer.

El Colibri Hotel & Spa

The Nest Spa at the El Colibri Hotel & Spa will soothe and revive your sore muscles. Whether you book a private treatment room, settle into one of the two steam rooms or simply sit back in the Jacuzzi, you’ll find yourself relaxing in no time. Treat yourself to something special after an adventurous day of cycling.

Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort & Spa

Avila Beach has many spas, so take your pick. However, Sycamore Mineral Springs is a unique experience that combines the effectiveness of slow, rhythmic massages with essential oils and therapeutic gemstones to put your body and your mind at ease. Don’t forget about the complimentary 30-minute pre-massage soak in mineral hot springs water you receive.

Tula Yoga, Fitness & Retreats

Tula Yoga offers daily yoga classes in a wide range of styles and levels. Their studio in Cambria’s West Village is the perfect place to wind down after a day of cycling, but if you’re looking for something a little different, you can also schedule private yoga classes on Moonstone Beach! Yoga mats and gear are available at their retail space, the Ocean Drifter.

Diva Day Spa

This understated spa sits on the oceanfront and is just minutes away from popular San Simeon destinations, including Hearst Castle. Make an appointment, kick your stand and enter the unique spa that welcomes you to San Simeon with full offerings of aromatherapy, Swedish massages, facials, and even hair care.

Therapy by the Sea

This tranquil spa is conveniently located in picturesque Downtown Cambria, patiently awaiting the opportunity to help you relax. Therapy by the Sea invites you to “slip into an ocean of tranquility.” They offer individual and couples packages, spa services and massage therapy, as well as plenty of fun additions, like gift bags and wine tasting.

Avila Hot Springs Massage Spa

This Avila Beach spa is known for its highly-trained specialists that give some of the best massages you’ll ever experience. Add the ability to enjoy the hot springs pool and tub and your stay here will be perfect for your post-ride cycling muscle recovery.

Sojourn Healing Arts Center

Located on the beautiful Cambria Pines Lodge property, the Sojourn Spa is open to guests of the lodge as well as outside visitors. Sojourn uses only organic and natural products to give you an excellent relaxation experience. All massages include warm stones, aroma therapy, and a warm herbal face compress, and each appointment is customized to suit your needs.

Soto’s True Earth Market

When you need a healthy snack to help your body recover, Soto’s True Earth Market is the place to go. They have organic, vegan, and vegetarian options, as well as an incredible deli selection. With local produce and premium goods at reasonable prices, you’ll feel right at home in Soto’s. Be sure to check them off your list of historical places to visit—over the years, the building has housed a saloon, a general store and the Cambria Meat Market, and has been around since the 1860s.

Additional Cycling Recovery Tips

Massages, stretching, and yoga aren’t the only things you should do to recover from a long ride. Here are some additional cycling post-ride fatigue recovery tips:

  • Get as much sleep as you can.
  • Make your next ride an hour-long, low-intensity recovery ride
  • Ensure you’re getting enough carbs and protein for recovery
  • Hydrate yourself with post-recovery sports drinks
  • Elevate your legs to improve blood flow and decrease swelling

If you’ve discovered any other great places for cyclists to stop and enjoy healthy, rejuvenating massages and activities on the Central Coast, let us know!


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