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Cycle Central Coast Blog

What’s it like cycling on the Central Coast of California? Which roads make for the best experience? What are the best places to eat, view wildlife, or take in the history of the region?

Read all about our favorite starts, stops, and sights in our cycle-centric blog.
If this doesn’t get your wheels turning, nothing will!

Cycling in Spring in San Simeon

Tackle the headwinds of Highway 1 for an epic Central Coast ride with expert tips from local cyclists.

Central Coast Challenging Climbs: Highway 1 Hills & Winds

Tackle the headwinds of Highway 1 for an epic Central Coast ride with expert tips from local cyclists.

Central Coast Challenging Climbs: Santa Rita Road Gravel Climb

Embrace the grit of Central Coast cycling with Santa Rita Road’s gravel climb: steady & unique.

Central Coast Challenging Climbs: The Wall

The Central Coast is known for its smooth, scenic rides along the oceanside on Highway 1. But it’s also a popular destination for dedicated cyclists…

Scenic Cycling on the Central Coast: Vistas

Cycling is as much about going places as it is the sweat earned on your ride. On the Central Coast, that means appreciating the natural…

Scenic Cycling on the Central Coast: Wildflowers

Whether you're a wildflower enthusiast or just seeking a burst of color on your cycling adventure, the Central Coast is the place to be. Wildflowers…

Seasonal Cycling: Routes, Winter Activities & Attractions in Avila Beach

Just as your cycling goals change during offseason cycling, Avila Beach transforms into a different kind of paradise during the winter months, without the extreme…

Scenic Cycling on the Central Coast: Butterflies

Monarch butterflies, those enchanting winged travelers, are a staple sight on the Central Coast from November to February. As small as they are, the trek…

Top Cycling-Centric Stops on the Central Coast

Cycling isn't just about the thrill of the ride—it's about the journey and the unique stops along the way. The Central Coast is a cycling-friendly…

Seasonal Cycling: What to Do in San Simeon during Your Fall Ride

When the weather turns crisp in San Simeon, you know it's the right time to clip in for a new cycling season. In the fall,…

Wildlife Viewing by Bike on the California Central Coast

The California Central Coast boasts one of the finest collections of microclimates in the world, making it a hotspot for both cyclists and wildlife enthusiasts.…

Top Inland Cycling Routes on the Central Coast

When you think of bike routes on the Central Coast, it's easy to imagine the allure—oceanside riding on the smooth pavement of Highway 1 as…

7 Restaurants on Highway 1 to Check Out On Your Central Coast Bike Ride

Whether you're riding one of our many routes on Highway 1, or you're just cruising down the Central Coast taking in the sun, wind, and…

Roads to Ride in Cambria: A Cyclist’s Paradise Awaits

With rolling hills on one side and the ocean on the other, here are four roads to ride in Cambria that give you the full flavor of the Central Coast.

Riding a Gravel Bike vs. Road Bike on the Central Coast

While the Central Coast’s cycling roads are the pinnacle of road cycling experiences for paved-route enthusiasts, you’ll also see riders on gravel bicycles cruising Highway 1, basking in the stunning landscapes and picturesque hills along Highway 1.

Gravel Cycling: A Road Cyclist’s Guide to the Unpaved

Gravel cycling, also known as adventure cycling, is a growing trend involving riding on unpaved roads, gravel paths, and dirt trails using road or gravel bikes.

Must-See Stops on the Avila Beach Sea to Summit Route

Discover must-see stops on the Sea to Summit cycling route from Avila Beach to San Luis Obispo, including vineyards, marketplaces, and scenic vistas.

Experience the Wildflowers in San Simeon

After an abundance of rainy weather in a wet winter, spring bursts into full bloom with colorful wildflowers in San Simeon. Visit to see the Coast in full color.

Complementing Your Cycling with 5 Central Coast Activities

Occasionally, the best activity for cyclists isn’t cycling at all! Here are five activities road cyclists can do in the offseason as a break from the grind.

Ragged Point: Cyclist’s Guide to San Simeon’s Hidden Gem

Discover everything you can do & experience at Ragged Point—a secluded, scenic, and worthwhile stop along Highway 1—whether you’re cycling or just visiting.

A Central Coast Cycling Getaway for Two

Our guest writers, Rex and Jules, vacationed on the Central Coast to experience one of California’s premier cycling destinations!

Oso Flaco Lake: All You Need To Know As A Cyclist

Learn all about the history, weather, and activities of one of Avila Beach visitors’ favorite cycling destinations—Oso Flaco Lake.

Cycling Events Happening on the Central Coast for the Rest of Summer 2022

Perfect weather and worthwhile cycling events on the Central Coast of California.

Bicycle Laws & Road Cycling Rules in California & the Central Coast

The answers to all of your questions about cycling on the Central Coast are compiled in our handy guide.

Best Central Coast Spas & Activities for Post-Ride Cycling Recovery

How massage spas and stretching/yoga can significantly improve post-ride cycling recovery.

3 Great Central Coast Bicycle Stores & Repair Shops in California

The Central Coast has many great bicycle shops and cycling repair shops to help you get around with ease.

4 Perfect Instagrammable Places in Avila Beach

Avila Beach is known for its beauty and perfect climate. Here are the top places to impress your Instagram followers after a nice ride.

Central Coast Wineries, Tasting Rooms, & Breweries

Some of the Central Coast’s most prolific road cyclists love to hang out at vineyards and sip on wine during stops and after rides.

Experiences You Can’t Miss While Cycling the Central Coast

The stretch of California’s San Luis Obispo County contains some of the best coastal experiences in the world.

Clip In and Celebrate Springtime in San Simeon

Whether you took a season off from cycling or your wheels never left the ground, make San Simeon your springtime cycling destination this April or May.

10 Local Restaurants for Cyclists on the Central Coast

You won’t find many fast food or chain restaurants on the Central Coast. These restaurants will leave your taste buds wanting more.

How to Plan a Cycling Route on the Central Coast

From the best oceanside bike spots to the trails amid rolling vineyards, we’ve created a way to plan a cycling route on the Central Coast for those who would appreciate it most—cyclists like you!

California’s Central Coast: Perfect for Off-Season Cycling

The Central Coast is the perfect place to ride year-round, so if resting for the entire off-season is not on your agenda, make the Central Coast your next cycling vacation destination!

Pick Your Perfect Paradise at Avila Beach

Our guest blogger, Monica Busby, otherwise known as the Cycling CEO, explores the Central Coast for the first time to experience the best of lodging, eateries, and of course, cycling routes!

Ride the Cycle Central Coast Eroica Challenge 2021!

Cycle Central Coast is hosting the Eroica Challenge 2021 in lieu of Eroica California, which was postponed to 2022. Ride the rugged Central Coast routes from Oct. 7 to Nov. 7.

What To Do in San Simeon on a Long Weekend

Between the breathtaking sights, delicious bites to eat, and abundance of wildlife, we’ve crafted an itinerary for you to experience the wonders of San Simeon in a short amount of time!

Discover San Simeon

San Simeon is a secluded realm of history, oceanside views, and unique wildlife. This Central Coast town is located on Highway 1, south of Big Sur and north of Cambria.

Roads to Ride in Avila Beach

Avila Beach has a path for any flavor of cycling. Here are five great roads to ride in and around the Central Coast town.

Cycle Central Coast Presents a New Eroica Challenge 2020

Eroica California had to make the tough but necessary decision to reschedule our annual event in April this year to September, due to the pandemic.

Discover Avila Beach

Avila Beach is a coastal heaven for cyclists looking for a rest after a long ride. The small but active town is nestled at the north end of San Luis Obispo Bay, just off Highway 1.

Clip In for the Coast: Bike to Hikes

If you love hiking as much as you love cycling, then clip in for an adventure—the Central Coast is your dream destination. Natural wonders and spectacular views await you around every turn.

Discover Cambria

Cambria is a hidden gem on Highway 1, halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. It’s a perfect road trip destination—especially if you love cycling.

Two-Wheeled Tours:
Treat Yourself

As the leaves change colors and temperatures begin to drop, it’s time to leave your tricks at home and indulge in some autumn treats on the Central Coast.

Two-Wheeled Tours:
Natural Wonders

If you don’t want to miss out on the most impressive landmarks on the Central Coast, plan your next adventure with these natural wonders in mind.

Two-Wheeled Tours: Stunning Vistas on Highway 1

For many cyclists, the ultimate bonus on a Central Coast ride is the view. Don’t miss these panoramic vistas around every turn—they’re some of our favorites.

Pimp Your Ride: The Coolest Cycling Gear for Your Central Coast Adventure

Whether you’re embarking on a short ride down the coast or a longer ride through the hills, make sure you have the right gear to help your ride go smoothly.

Two-Wheeled Tours:
Backroad Farms

Harvesting this coastal land has always been a fruitful enterprise, but these days, cyclists can explore our country roads and local farms on two wheels.

Train for Gains on the Central Coast

With a variety of terrain and sweeping views of the Pacific around every turn, training for upcoming races and rides will be more enjoyable than ever before.

4 Reasons Cambria is the Cycling Hub of the Central Coast

The Central Coast is full of great cycling opportunities—but cyclists in-the-know tend to stay in Cambria, and these four features bring cyclists back again and again.

Pedal it Out in 2019

Plan your 2019 rides with these upcoming cycling events! Cycling season will be upon us soon. It’s time to gear up and get ready to…

Eroica California in Cambria

Starting in 2019, Cambria will host Eroica California, allowing vintage cyclists to take advantage of everything that makes the Central Coast so memorable.

Adventures in Cambria

With challenging inclines and breathtaking coastal views, you’ll get the workout you want while escaping to the ultimate getaway on the Central Coast.

Celebrating the Reopening of Highway 1

The mudslides of 2017 threatened the livelihood of many Central Coast communities, but the beautiful cycling routes in the area brought a positive light to a challenging situation.

Cycle Highway 1

It’s time to clip in on the world-renowned Highway 1, which has fully reopened following the mudslides and construction of recent months. Cyclists, rejoice!

Cycle Central Coast Ambassador: Modern Hiker

Our friend Gus, in partnership with Modern Hiker, took a trip to the Central Coast to see what all the fuss was about… and by the time they left, they understood.

Guest Blogger: James Stout

Our friend James Stout wrote a blog for Cycle Central Coast about the adventure and beauty of cycling Highway 1.

Riding Highway 1: Cyclists Welcome!

The Nacimiento-Fergusson Road detour takes you into the hills above the Coast for curvy roads and stunning views.

Sun & Spokes: Upcoming Cycling Events

It’s time to start reserving your spot in upcoming cycling events, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorites.

Pedals in Spring 2018

If you haven’t thought about next season’s cycling events, it’s time to get your gears turning!

The Five Bs for the Best Break Yet

You’ve finished your last race and you’re planning on taking a seasonal break. Check out our favorite tips to keep your body and mind fit during the holidays.

Will Brake for Food

We’ve published four new routes, so to refuel along the way, these fan-favorite food options will fill you up and leave a smile on your face.

You’ve never seen Highway 1 like this before.

Highway 1 isn’t the only place on the Central Coast for incredible cycling with beautiful views. Our friend James Stout created a special ride to navigate the road closures.

Country Coast Classic: #RideWithUs

This ride is a local favorite, attracting residents from all over the Central Coast and visitors from near and far.

ALERT: Highway 1 Closure

Though this highway closure is not optimal for many quaint tourist destinations, it’s perfect for cyclists looking for a peaceful ride.

Upcoming Central Coast Rides

The upcoming rides and races near Cambria are the perfect opportunity to plan your getaway!

No Off-Season

Here are eight non-biased (well, we’re a little biased) reasons the Central Coast is the perfect year-round training ground!

Road Magazine Article: Cambria

Cambria was recently featured in an issue of Road Magazine!

The Right Route for You – Quiz

Find out which Cambria route fits your cycling personality best, then get on the road and try it out!

Central Coast Mention in Bicycle Retailer Magazine

Cycle Central Coast was recently mentioned in a Bicycle Retailer Magazine article.

Family Cycling Tour

The Linton family wrote about their adventure cycling in Cambria and along the Central Coast. Check out their tips on bike touring and riding with young kids!

It’s the Season for Cycling

The weather is perfect. The roads are ready. The time is right. Your bicycle is calling for you, and you have never been one to say no to an adventure.

Country Coast Classic Bike Ride

The 16th Annual Gene Cerise Country Coast Classic Bike Ride will take place in Cambria, benefitting the positive development of youth in the community.

100 Months of 100-Mile Rides

Cycling enthusiast and Cambria resident Tom Parsons completed his goal of going on one 100-mile bicycle ride per month for 100 months.

Eroica California 2016

Experience the vintage bike race inspired by the Italian L’ Eroica, a challenging event that is about enjoying the ride rather than winning the race.

Eroica California Returns

Rediscover the beauty of fatigue and the thrill of the conquest during Central Coast’s exciting Eroica California cycling event.

Plan an Outdoor Escape to Cambria and Leave It All in the Rear View Mirror

With hundreds of miles of scenic routes with spectacular vistas around every turn, cycling the Central Coast should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Just Bicycles – Slabtown Rollers’ Scarecrow Entry

Each October, hundreds of artfully crafted scarecrows are displayed throughout the seaside villages of Cambria and San Simeon.

Pablove Across America Rides Through Cambria

Pablove Across America riders have raised over $2 million for The Pablove Foundation. This October, 40 cyclists will ride across California and make a stop in Cambria.

Mountain Biker Brandon Semenuk Films One Shot Segment for unReal the Movie in Cambria

Canadian freeride mountain biker Brandon Semenuk recently made history—and it happened in Cambria!