Where’s the fun in keeping these routes all to ourselves?

We’ve created a way to share some of the Central Coast’s best cycling routes with those who would appreciate it most—cyclists like you!

99.8 Miles

Avila Beach Route

This century route is all about endurance, but features plenty of fun Avila Beach stops to keep things interesting.

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33.9 Miles

Beach to Beach Route

This approximately 35-mile round-trip route goes from Cambria to Cayucos, a charming town on the Central Coast.

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46.6 Miles

Cayucos Loop

This 47-mile looping route mixes wine and culture with winding roads and challenging inclines—a few of a cyclist’s favorite things.

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41.6 Miles

Coastal Cayucos Route

This 42-mile round-trip route goes from San Simeon to Cayucos, a charming town on the Central Coast.

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36.6 Miles

Green Valley Loop

As a sister route to the Santa Rosa Creek Route, this route completes the connection from Santa Rosa Creek to Highway 46 and back to Cambria.

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69.2 Miles

Gorda Route

Heading from Cambria to Gorda and back, this 70-mile round-trip ride includes some of our favorite parks and trailheads along the way.

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133.2 Miles

Highway 1 Adventure Route – Altitude

Take a detour off of Highway 1 for this high-flying ride into the mountains, past Lake Nacimiento and all the way to Big Sur.

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38.1 Miles

Highway 46 Route

This route extends the Santa Rosa Creek Route all the way to Highway 46 for some meandering turns and challenging inclines.

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72.1 Miles

Montaña de Oro Route

The 72-mile ride to Montaña de Oro and back is packed with natural wonders that will satisfy your adventurous spirit.

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37 Miles

Ragged Point Route

From San Simeon to Ragged Point and back, this ride will take you on Highway 1 past notable landmarks, challenging hills, and stunning views.

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22.4 Miles

Santa Rosa Creek Route

This 22-mile out-and-back route heads inland from Cambria, stopping at a couple of local farms and one of Cambria’s estate vineyards.

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64.1 Miles

Silver Peak Route

Named for the Silver Peak Wilderness that encompasses much of Highway 1, this route is designed to push you out of your comfort zone.

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