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July 16, 2018

Cycle Central Coast Ambassador: Modern Hiker

Our friend Gus, in partnership with Modern Hiker, took a trip to the Central Coast recently to see what all the fuss was about… and by the time they left, they completely understood. They biked, they hiked, and they explored the area in and around Cambria, spending part of their trip touring and wine tasting at Stolo Family Vineyards. Overall, they had an incredible experience riding the Highway 1 Adventure Route, which is open to all guests of the Central Coast. See the beginning of their adventure below and continue to read on Modern Hiker.

Photo Credit: Modern Hiker

Located approximately halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Cambria, California, offers a refreshing and welcoming vibe that can seem rare after traveling through more well-known areas of the state. Cambria not only offers incredible seaside views with little to no crowds (plenty of parking… seriously), but it is also a perfect gateway to riding in Big Sur and the surrounding areas. This past weekend we were fortunate enough to partner with Modern Hiker and Cycle Central Coast for an unforgettable weekend of cycling, hiking, and a private wine tour (for good measure).

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