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September 8, 2017

The Five Bs for the Best Break Yet

You’ve finished your last race, the weather is cooler, and you’re planning on taking a break from cycling. For some, the climb back into the seat is a lot harder than the climb up a steep hill. How exactly do you keep your body and mind fit during the holiday season? Here are the five Bs we think will help make that first pedal as strong as your last.


Brain health is important for focus and stamina on your bike. When your body is screaming to stop, your mind is the mediator that tells your body you can keep pushing.

Don't let the rust set in. Stay focused and prepped for your next adventure.

Don’t let the rust set in. Stay focused and prepped for your next adventure.

There is an abundance of activities to keep your brain healthy. Simple habits, like getting a full night’s rest and having regular social interactions, will help you keep a healthy command of your body when you’re ready to clip in again.


The biggest struggle for many during the off-season isn’t necessarily the lack of activity. The kicker comes at the end of the year when there is no shortage of sweet-treats and trips to the kitchen for seconds. This wouldn’t be a problem during regular rides as it’s suggested you consume anywhere from 30 to 50 grams of carbohydrates per hour of your ride. When you’re not riding as frequently, what should you eat?


How many times have you said, “I’ll just have one more”?

Simple tips like reducing snacking, only eating when hungry and not bored, and being mindful of your intake will reduce chances of drastic diet changes when the roads clear. Fortunately, delicious healthy options are scattered across the Central Coast. You won’t have to fear when your mini-vacation is here.

This way, your body is always ready to hit the road without having to battle the holiday hangover.


Do you own a bike trainer yet? Now might be the time to purchase one.

For the uninitiated, a bike trainer will help with many things, like balance. Do you know the difference between a fluid bike trainer or traditional rollers? With a quick browse online you can introduce yourself to the world of stationary training and find the right contraption for your off-season distraction.


The benefit of a stationary trainer is its portability. If you’re adhering to a strict training regiment, bring it with you on your trip. You never know when the skies are going to clear up, and you brought all the right equipment to chase down a few miles.


Is your wallet standing in the way of clicking “Complete My Order” for the bike in your online shopping cart? This might be a good thing.

cycling 2

Just like any other industry, biking sees an uptick in purchases during the holiday season. Many sites will compile the best deals and prices into easy-to-use guides. That bike you’ve had saved in your cart might be getting a hefty discount. If you just can’t wait for shipping, local retailers often create their own sales to compete with online shops.


Everything’s good in moderation, right?

Wineries are abundant on the Central Coast and are some of the most popular attractions for visitors. Did you know there is a host of breweries as well? You can savor a Juicebox Hero from Central Coast Brewing, a flight in Cambria at 927 Brewery, or keep it traditional with Firestone Brewery’s beverages. There are beers to appease any palette.

Refreshing Summer Pint of Beer Ready to Drink

One study noted that moderate alcohol consumption was directly linked to a “…25- to 40-percent reduction in risk” of heart attack. Beer has also been shown to increase your bone density and reduce cholesterol. You might discover the cycling community has its own ties to the enjoyment of beer. Or is it the beer community that loves cycling?

There is a place you can knock out your off-season success list. Cambria offers hotel stays, restaurants, and accessibility to everything mentioned within this post. Now grab your bike trainer, and rack your ride—the Central Coast is calling.



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