Just Bicycles - Slabtown Rollers' Scarecrow Entry
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October 1, 2015

Just Bicycles – Slabtown Rollers’ Scarecrow Entry

Each October, hundreds of artfully crafted scarecrows are displayed throughout the seaside villages of Cambria and San Simeon. Evolving from the first festival in 2009 with 30 scarecrows lining the sidewalks and streets of the town, the Cambria Scarecrow Festival has now grown showcase over 400 creations!

Scarecrows typically begin appearing the last week of September, with the full crop making its way throughout Cambria and San Simeon by October 1.

One scarecrow that we’ve taken a particular liking to this year (for obvious reasons!) is an entry from the Slabtown Rollers titled “Just Bicyles.”

If you get a chance to cycle in the region during the month of October, we encourage you to visit Cambria and discover the Cambria Scarecrow Festival!


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