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April 5, 2024

Cycling in Spring in San Simeon

Oceanview with yellow wildflowers

The breezy climate and invigorating sun let you know that spring has come to San Simeon. It’s a great time to get out and go cycling, and that outdoor experience is enhanced by the natural beauty on display during this season. There’s scarcely a better place than San Simeon to get the most out of your spring cycling experience, and these are just a few of our favorite reasons why.

Appreciate the Earth While Cycling in San Simeon

Tide rolling in with the sunset on the coastline.

San Simeon is a cyclist’s paradise. If you’re thinking about nature during times like Earth Day, planning a trip to ride its scenic landscapes is especially appealing. San Simeon’s location on the Central Coast makes its climate ideally suited for active cycling, and that’s enhanced by the mild weather just arriving in the spring. You’ll be able to push yourself to your desired wattage as you work your way up to those stunning coastal views, and it’s just as much of a thrill to discover new trails to exercise on.

Wildflower Wonders in Spring

San Simeon is known for its diverse wildflower displays during the season, and this spring is no exception. With the potential for a “super bloom” this year, you can count on capturing the scenery of your ride in living color. Burning energy on your bike isn’t the only way to get active alongside these views either—give your routine a boost with a scenic hike on your next route. Both the Junge Ranch Trail and the Boucher Trail offer stunning views of the bountiful blooms this season brings.

Sample the Flavors of San Simeon

As you cycle through the stirring stretches and sights of San Simeon, you’ll gain a new admiration for what the people who live here make of it. The unique village of Old San Simeon is adjacent to the Hearst Ranch Winery, offering picnic sites where you can pause your trek and enjoy a lunch from Sebastian’s General Store.

If that gets you craving other local flavors, the cycling routes in the area offer plenty to choose from, with dining stops including the Manta Rey Restaurant and the Ragged Point Restaurant. After that, reconnect with nature on two wheels while you burn off those carbs with a ride through Hearst San Simeon State Park.

Beat the Crowds and Enjoy Nature with a Midweek Stay

You want to get the most out of your San Simeon stay, and one of the best ways to do that is to schedule your spring escape for the midweek. Taking your trip at this time means smaller crowds, which provides more space for you to stretch your cycling muscles and enjoy all the natural wonders the area has to offer. This includes multiple beaches that are beautiful, as per usual on the Central Coast, like Arroyo Laguna State Beach, and Pico Creek. The latter is especially known for being less congested, which makes it an area ideal for surfing just as well as cycling.

Plus, when you’re taking a break from all that action, there are spots to catch sight of wildlife, like the elephant seals of the Piedras Blancas rookery, or the Hearst Castle zebras. You can even stop and gaze out at a recommended Whale Trail spot! Browse our booking options now, and start planning a midweek adventure where you can reconnect with nature.

Must-Try Cycling Routes in Spring

Even in the ideal cycling season of spring, it’s important to choose the right routes to maximize your experience. Cycle Central Coast has curated a sweet selection of courses to put your skills to the test. Beyond that, these routes offer opportunities to appreciate nature at its most vibrant. Each ride features something unique, from a variety of cycling challenges, to the wild flora and fauna you’ll catch sight of along the way.

San Simeon Creek Climb

The challenging loop of the San Simeon Creek Climb is perfect if you’re looking to add some desired grit to your ride. This intense, adventurous loop also packs in awesome views of the coastal scenery from the top of those steep gravel inclines. You’ll get support for all that strenuous exercise, as well, with the option to fuel up along the way at establishments like Lily’s Coffeehouse or the Stepladder Ranch Creamery.

Ragged Point Route

The notable landmarks on the Ragged Point Route speak to its variety of terrain. Pushing yourself across the uneven ride of this route will have you feel like you’re traveling through time as you find yourself riding past Hearst Castle, Old San Simeon, and Ragged Point. Through your adrenaline rush, you may also glimpse the bonanza of colors from the blooming flowers this season, truly turning this into a trip for all of your senses.

Silver Peak Route

For another kind of adventure, pedal out of your comfort zone and onto our Silver Peak Route. A sequence of sharp grades lets you feel like you’re truly connecting with the pavement. This route is a great venue for seeing the diverse wildflower displays around Ragged Point and the Piedras Blancas Light Station, and for catching sight of the fabled super bloom. Spring is also the ideal season to view this route’s most famous natural wonder—Black Swift Falls—at full blast.

Spring into San Simeon

From wildflowers to wildlife to wildly smaller crowds, San Simeon has an experience for any type of cyclist in spring. It’s a great time of the year to work up a sweat on the variety of biking terrain the area offers. Reward yourself for all that effort with the natural fun and flavors curated by the community. Book your stay now for this excellent experience, and find out what’s so special about San Simeon in full bloom.


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