California’s Central Coast boasts miles of world-renowned cycling routes for every level of athlete.

From training grounds for cycling’s elite to views that make the rides even more enjoyable, it’s safe to say the Central Coast will leave you breathless in every way.

Here, you’ll find scenic routes, local events, and our favorite resources for cyclists in the area.

Plus, we have you covered with ways to plug in to our local cycling community and unplug during your stay on the Central Coast.

Complementing Your Cycling with 5 Central Coast Activities

Occasionally, the best activity for cyclists isn’t cycling at all! Here are five activities road cyclists can do in the offseason as a break from the grind.

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Upcoming Central Coast Cycling Events

When you Cycle Central Coast, you’re in good company – in some cases, lots of company…like an event. Check out some of our upcoming shindigs.

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Join a thriving community of visiting and resident cyclists who have fallen in love with the Central Coast.

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