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March 24, 2021

Roads to Ride in Avila Beach

An excellent year-round temperate climate makes Avila Beach cycling a great adventure along the Central Coast. Along with family-friendly activities from apple picking to an animal petting zoo, Avila Beach has several scenic roads that avid and casual cyclists will enjoy. Here are five great roads in the area that will give you the Avila Beach cycling experience.

Avila Beach cycling, Alison Tetrick

Highway 1

Avila Beach is a short drive off Highway 1, a premier cycling route along the Central Coast. Head south on Highway 1 toward Pismo Beach and travel the frontage beachside roads for pristine ocean views. Or, go north toward San Luis Obispo and take in the rolling hills on the cycling-friendly highway.

Highway 1, Alison Tetrick

Bob Jones Trail

Easily the most well-known Avila Beach cycling path is the Bob Jones Bike Trail. Cyclists of any level can ride this 2.5-mile path, which starts at the Bob Jones Trail Head off Ontario Road, near Highway 1. Head west on the calming trail, cycling by a Buddhist temple and apple orchards before passing under San Luis Bay Drive on a creekside ride. Once you cross the San Luis Obispo Creek bridge, you’ll enter Avila Beach for the final stretch. Extend your ride further south on San Juan Street to check out the iconic Avila Beach Pier.

Avila Beach cycling, Bob Jones Trail

Avila Beach Drive

Get the full flavor of Avila Beach by starting your ride at Avila Beach Park. Head west on Avila Beach Drive for port-side ocean viewing. You can turn and ride down Cal Poly Pier before continuing west to Port San Luis Pier. There are several boating activities and some staple restaurants here: Fat Cats Café and Mersea’s Seafood, to name a few. Travel back to Avila Beach and continue on Avila Beach Drive along San Luis Obispo Creek, passing a series of resorts in the hot springs, before reaching the end of the road at the Ontario Ridge Trailhead and Highway 1.

Avila Beach cycling, Alison Tetrick, Central Coast Aquarium, Avila Beach Drive

See Canyon and Prefumo Canyon

North of Avila Beach, off of San Luis Bay Drive, is See Canyon Road. This popular paved Avila Beach cycling path features a gradual 4-mile climb past Avila Beach vineyards and attractions such as Gopher Glen Apple Farm. The road features a steeper climb for those wanting a greater challenge before meeting up with Prefumo Canyon Road, a picturesque ride across rolling hills that descends onto the Irish Hills Natural Preserve just south of San Luis Obispo.

Prefumo Canyon, @whyiride_cyclingblogger
Courtesy of Instagram: @whyiride_cyclingblogger

Edna Valley Loop

Featured in our Edna Valley Route, this loop northeast of Avila Beach is a sommelier’s preferred ride. Accessible from Price Canyon Road, travel on Corbett Canyon Road, Tiffany Ranch Road, Orcutt Road, Biddle Ranch Road, and Edna Road to get a glimpse into some of the vineyards and wineries that San Luis Obispo County is famous for. Don’t hesitate to plan out and go to multiple tastings—just ride responsibly.

Biddle Ranch


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