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November 1, 2021

California’s Central Coast: Perfect for Off-Season Cycling

Although the off-season is a well-deserved reprieve from riding, it can set you miles behind from your best cycling-self. The Central Coast is the perfect place to ride year-round, so if resting for the entire off-season is not on your agenda, make the Central Coast your next cycling vacation destination!

Winery vineyards near Avila Beach

Preparing for Off-Season Central Coast Cycling

Cycling on the Central Coast during the season break means a potentially cool and wet experience. While it rarely gets too cold, the coastal winds could make for tough ascents, especially in the afternoons! Here’s a list of things to have when you make it out to Highway 1 or the many other scenic routes.

  • Waterproof jacket
  • Thermal bib tights
  • Towel for during and after rides
  • Water-resistant glasses or goggles for wetter rides
  • Helmet cover
  • Extra cash

Four Reasons to Try Off-Season Cycling on the Central Coast

There are so many reasons to visit the Central Coast of California during the winter, from special events and holiday happenings to unique sights and relaxing destinations—but off-season cycling may take the cake. Here are four of our favorite reasons to ride the incredible routes in our area during the off-season.

  • Coastal Weather
  • Scenic Views
  • Must-See Destinations
  • Variety of Routes

Cycling on Coastal Weather

Although some warmer gear will be essential while cycling during the cold months on the Central Coast, the weather is almost always mild enough to enjoy your ride! 

Be prepared for misty mornings, overcast evenings, the occasional rain shower, and chilly-but-sunny afternoons—sometimes all in one day. The weather can change somewhat quickly, so it’s best to be prepared when cycling, especially on longer routes.

Three male cyclists riding one of the Eroica California routes

Enjoying Scenic Views While Cycling

The beauty of the Central Coast isn’t hard to see, even during the winter off-season cycling months. Cycle along the Pacific Coast and breathe in crisp ocean air, or ride through miles of rolling hills and lush landscapes. 

If the fog rolls in on the coastline, ride through the Green Valley Route for clear views of the valley. If it’s an unseasonably sunny day, go the oceanic route and ride the Coastal Cayucos Route. No matter the day, there’s a route for every cyclist.

Cyclists doing off-season cycling in the Central Coast

Must-See Destinations for Off-Season Cycling

Sometimes cycling through the Central Coast is more about clipping out than clipping in. Interspersed throughout all the routes are places to press pause—like searching for seasonal wildlife, eating at restaurants that overlook the Pacific Ocean, or admiring the historic Piedras Blancas Lighthouse

All of our routes have must-see and must-stop points like these mapped along the way so you don’t miss a thing on your ride.

Piedras Blancas Light Station lighthouse

Variety of Routes on the Central Coast

There’s a route for every rider—from paved to graveled roads, to relaxing descents and heart-racing uphill climbs. The Central Coast has the best of both worlds for all cyclists looking to ride during the off-season. 

If you’re looking for a ride that’s easygoing and packed with charming destinations, cycle the Beach to Beach Route. If you’re looking for a challenging ride so you don’t lose your training momentum, the Avila Beach Route is for you.


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