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November 10, 2016

The Right Route for You – Quiz

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of going on a cycling adventure on the Central Coast, you know that every route has a personality of its own. Sure, they all share some of the same characteristics—opportunities to challenge yourself, beautiful views and fun stops along the way. When you begin your journey in Cambria, you really can get the best of all worlds.

That’s why cyclists from all over the world
flock to Cambria and the Central Coast: there’s
something for everyone.

There are three main routes out of Cambria that are highlighted on the Cycle Central Coast website. Each has its own special quirks, so you may want to ride them all, but you’re bound to have a favorite. Maybe you typically travel north towards Gorda, where you’ll find natural beauty as well as the 140-year-old lighthouse that overlooks the ocean. Some of you may choose the route that goes south to Cayucos, which is a shorter ride with plenty of stops along the way (including a particularly delectable cookie shop). The more challenging eastern route, however, ventures inland up into the hills, if that’s more your style.

If you would rather take the guesswork out of the equation, Cycle Central Coast can help! Take this brief quiz to find out what route fits your cycling personality best! Then, share your results on social media using the hashtag #CycleCentralCoast for the chance to be featured on the Cycle Central Coast FacebookInstagram or Twitter! (While you’re at it, make sure you follow us for updates, news and special offers.) Then, start planning your next cycling adventure on the Central Coast. No matter what route you get, you’ll definitely want to try it out; and with perfect cycling weather year-round, there’s never been a better time for your trip than right now!


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